Encino Park

Encino Park

One of the most coveted areas on the northsde

It might be strange for some people to believe this is one of the most coveted neighborhoods on the north side of San Antonio and wonder why?  Wel, let’s begin at the start!

Every year in San Antonio, a group of Builders choses an afea where they will build homes and have a Parade of Homes for the public, featuring a few builders and of course showing off their newly built, furnished and ready to be sold, mnodel homes.  A total of 16 homes were built by 1980 for the Parade of Homes.  By 1982, a total of 280 families already lived in Encino Park and it’s different areas within Encino Park: Forest Village, the Forest, and the Ridge. Today, there are a total of 7 areas in the community with a total of 1061 homes.

Ther Encino Park HOA can boast of many amenites, including: a huge swimming pool, Basketball court, Volleyball court, Park with kids play area, excercise bars and barbecue pits and lighted Tennis Courts. It also has a very active swim team which are champions in the city every year, a womens club who contributes to scholarships for local students as well as gives the HOA money for different projects the community might need. The Womens Club has They have several fund raisers throughout the year and the biggest one is their yearly Craft Show with dozens of vendors from San Antonio as well as surrounding areas.

Some of the items paid for in part of in full by the womens club include, but not limited to: The volleyball court, the annual Christmas decorations, the Spring Yard of the Month Contest, Scholarships to local students, Chairs and other supplies for the Community Center and much more.

Encino Park is also home to many clubs and organizations that meet monthly at the community center: Boys Club, Girls Club, Sewing Club, Swim Team, Bunco Groups. Tennis Club, Gourmet Group, YMCA Youth Group, a local church at times.

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